Since our first factory’s establishment in Turkey we have conducted three Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs); one in 2006 and one in 2010 after capacity increases in our plant. We conducted a third one as a result of production capacity increase in 2015. As the project area is located in an industrial region, the report revealed that it does not have any negative impacts on the environment.

We have also conducted an EIA in our Indonesia plant in 2013. The EIA was conducted because of the construction of our new plant. The report stated that there are no endangered species under risk as a result of Kordsa’s production activities. Nevertheless, as all flora and fauna have to be preserved, we moved about 110 trees outside the construction area and planted them in and around the plant.

These reports clearly show that as Kordsa we do not have negative impacts on biodiversity and although we did not have to take rapid actions concerning conservation of biodiversity, it is our commitment to protect biological diversity, and the sustainable use of biological resources as stated in our OHSES (Occupational Health & Safety, Environment & Sustainability) Policy. On the other hand, we also protect and preserve biodiversity by managing our discharge and waste in all our plants.

As none of our plants are adjacent to any protected areas like national nature and wildlife parks, any water resources and areas of high biodiversity value, we did not need to involve with NGOs or other conservation organizations in developing biodiversity action plans (BAPs) or other biodiversity conservation initiatives.

At our Thailand, Brazil and USA plants we do not have to conduct EIAs because they are located within industrial compounds.

Please Click here for Kordsa Turkey EIA Report 2016.

Please Click here for Kordsa Indonesia EIA Report 2013.