Energy is one of the main inputs of production. Among Kordsa’s strategic goals are achieving energy efficiency, and reducing energy as targeted in OPEX.

It is the Chief Operations Officer, who approves the Energy Management Policy applicable at each Kordsa plant prepared by the Energy Committee in accordance with ISO 50001 Energy Management System. The Policy is reviewed annually along with other policies. ISO 50001 Certification is only available in Turkey.

It is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Energy Management System Coordinators, who are in responsible for the management of this area. There are corporate strategic targets as well as country, plant, unit, and individual targets in this area. The effective and efficient use of energy is a continuous target. The Chief Operating Officer reviews energy efficiency results each month alongside the plant-specific business results.

With the aim of reducing energy costs, Kordsa management supports projects for the efficient use of energy, and reduction of energy use per unit of production; provides the necessary budget, manpower and technology and inspires its teams. Projects with proven success and payoff are encouraged and disseminated to other Kordsa plants. Comparisons are made across Kordsa plants for energy results and amounts of energy consumed. Energy efficiency project teams are awarded at recognition events.

Kordsa plants act in line with the energy regulations of the country they are located. Whereas some countries oblige an Energy Management System to be installed, others have not set any legal targets for energy use or energy efficiency. Owing to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification, Kordsa Turkey plants are systematically audited internally and externally each year.

Please Click here for Kordsa 2017 Energy Efficiency Data.