Environmental protection is among the seven values underlying the Kordsa’s strategy. Our priority in all our activities and investments we carry out is to prevent environmental pollution through investing in clean technologies and waste management, reduce energy consumption and emissions as well to make efficient use of water.


At Kordsa we carry out our operations and projects with people and nature at the core. Kordsa OHSES (Occupational Health & Safety, Environment & Sustainability) Policy which is applicable across all Kordsa plants, is updated annually by Global OHSES Manager.

This Policy including commitments on efficient use of energy and natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and combatting climate change, is associated with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard and is approved by our CEO.

Our plant in Turkey has ISO 14001 certification and our plant in Indonesia will be certified in 2017. We plan to obtain environmental management system certification in Thailand, US and Brazil plants in by 2018.

We conducted Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) at Indonesia plant in 2015 and renewed our EIA at Turkey plant in the second half of 2016. At our Thailand, Brazil and USA plants we do not have to conduct EIAs because they are located within industrial compounds.

Kordsa Turkey’s GHG calculation is verified by the Ministry of Environment and waste data is verified by Bureau Veritas in line with ISO 14001.