Kordsa realizes its operations in conformity with the Corporate Governance Principles published by the Capital Markets Board, and the corporate governance principles of transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability. The Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report is therefore included in our annual report along with our company’s policies on human resources, dividend distribution, donations and aid, along with details on covering our ethics and responsibility approach.

Having complied with all compulsory and optional regulations in the Corporate Governance Principles in all twelve months of year, as Kordsa we publish these issues in detail on the websites and for the information of shareholders and beneficiaries.

Board Structure
Our Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that Kordsa’s operations comply with the legislation, the articles of association, internal regulations and identified policies, as well as for protecting the long-term interest of our company by way of the strategic decisions it takes.

Our annual report includes details on the structure of the Board, its working principles, members’ positions, internal and external commitments, responsibilities and the terms of office. Committees that are composed of Board Members are the Audit Committee, Corporate Governance Committee and Early Risk Identification Committee.

Our Board of Directors consists of six members in total; one female member is also a member of Corporate Governance Committee and two independent members are also members of Audit Committee. Only the President and the Vice President hold executive functions.