Human Resources Department at Kordsa uses many different resources and practices to align training and education activities, to bring a uniform perspective alongside local requirements and needs, and to support employees to realize career goals as they perform their duties safely and effectively across all plants of our company.

Our Training and Development Policy, the related procedures to identify and measure the effectiveness of training standards, training needs and targets, and all relevant forms are available on the global intranet accessible to all employees. Moreover, we inform our employees on the training and development management processes at ‘Meet with HR’ sessions and regularly share our new implementations using different tools.

All (100%) of Kordsa employees undergo performance and career development evaluations. Although the principal training and development process-owner is the Human Resources Department, every employee at Kordsa is in charge of his/her own development process.

We use performance and competency evaluation results, employee development and career plans, and similar resources to identify employees’ training needs and devise training plans; and we always consider company needs and legal requirements besides employees’ individual requests.

Among the tools and platforms, we use as feedback to improve our training and development processes are the employee engagement survey, training assessment results, post-training development evaluations, trainer feedback, and performance evaluations.

Talent Management at Kordsa
Kordsa offers various talent management and lifelong learning programs to improve competencies of employees in the talent pool and to facilitate long-term employability. Alongside internal global development programs, trainings, and mentorship, we also provide financial support to our employees for MA/MB, PhD, and certification programs they wish to attend depending on the type and institution of training as laid down in our procedures.

Global Development Programs: There are three different levels of development programs available to develop employees in the talent pool. These are trainings organized by Sabancı Holding and are as follows: Generation Next for specialist/engineer level; Global Alignment for middle-level management; and, SALT Sabancı Leadership Team for upper-level management. Global Development Programs focus on developing technical expertise and leadership; and are carried out by the Global Human Resources Department. Employees from different countries and of different levels join these programs, held on global scale, depending on their area of expertise and needs.

Mentorship: Starting in 2014, we completed our activities to extend the mentorship system practiced in the Turkey plant to other countries. We implemented the first ‘Global Mentorship Program’ with ‘mentees’ as specialists/engineers and newly appointed managers, and ‘mentors’ as upper level managers in 2014. In 2015 we expanded the program so as to include more participants. The mentorship program implemented across all Sabancı Holding companies also accepts Kordsa talents at specialist/engineer or manager-level, as ‘mentees’.

Trainings: Our employees are welcome to join all trainings organized by our company that cover their personal, technical or functional needs. Requests for training may be lodged by the employee him/herself, his/her line manager, or the Human Resources Department. Besides internal training programs, we also encourage our employees to take part in development programs organized by Sabancı Holding for specialist/ engineer level such as the Young Sabancı Program or Group Mentorship Program.