Water use is of paramount importance for the manufacturing processes at Kordsa plants and auxiliary operations. Water quality, accessibility and preservation of usable water resources are essential for the sustainability of our production and cost control.

In water management, OHSES (Occupational Health & Safety, Environment & Sustainability) and Energy Mangement Committee is responsibile for compliance and inspection. Projects on water management and improvement efforts are the responsibility of all departments. We ensure the efficiency of the water management system through ISO 14001 Environmental Management System audits by internal and external bodies.

At all plants and offices, we put efforts to use water more efficiently, we encourage industrial reuse of treated water through reverse osmosis sytem.
We continuously monitor our improvement target for the recovery and reuse of water we consume in manufacturing. We follow technological research and investment opportunities to increase the amount of wastewater we recover.

Mechanisms to ensure efficiency of wastewater management are; Ministry of Environment and Urbanization inspections, Kordsa Environment Unit and Environmental Officer audits in addition to ISO 14001 audits and ISO 14001 internal audit. We also benchmark our waste management with other industrial companies of the Sabancı Holding.

Please Click here for Kordsa 2017 Water Management Data.