Since its establishment in İzmit-Turkey in 2007, the Kordsa R&D Center has been conducting intensive research and development activities striving to develop new products, processes and technologies for the industries it operates in, as well as adjacent sectors and potential markets to maintain its leadership. The majority of R&D activities are geared to offer new technologies and competencies to the industry.

"Kordsa R&D center was Ranked as "All Sectors - Most Successful R&D Center" according to Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 2014 R&D Centers Performance Index and also ranked first in textile sector three years consecutively"

In 2014, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology evaluated the performance of R&D centers based on project portfolio capacity which is calculated considering the budget allocated to the projects and project volumes and Kordsa was ranked number 1 among all R&D centers in Turkey. In the Intellectual Property Competence category, Kordsa R&D Center climbed up three ranks to 3rd place and became one of the strongest local companies with regard to intellectual property infrastructure.

Not Just an R&D Center

In the Kordsa corporate culture, the R&D center is not just a center for research and development, but rather a business unit with a total of 78 employees. Driven by the experience of Kordsa; ideas, studies and development activities are transformed into brand new products and processes.