Press Releases

Date Heading
19.02.2019 Kordsa to expand its global footprint in aerospace industry with a new US investment
17.01.2019 “Inspired from life, we reinforce life” says Kordsa’s new campaign
10.01.2019 Kordsa renovates another school in an effort to reinforce the future
20.12.2018 Kordsa released its fourth Sustainability Report
17.12.2018 Kordsa introduces a new fast press curable resin with an enhanced visual quality
06.11.2018 Kordsa at Composites Europe with its composites technologies
30.10.2018 Kordsa is listed in BIST Sustainability Index for the third consecutive year with improved rankings
24.10.2018 Industry 4.0 Award to Kordsa at Platin Global 100 Awards
18.10.2018 Kordsa introduced its products for the aerospace and aviation industries at CAMX 2018
17.10.2018 Sustainable Business Award to Kordsa Sustainability Report
10.10.2018 Kordsa at Road2Tunnel Fair with its synthetic fiber reinforcement KraTos
08.10.2018 Kordsa takes part in a new EU-funded project within the scope of the Horizon2020 program
25.09.2018 Kordsa reinforces the future in Indonesia
17.08.2018 Kordsa receives two global awards Kordsa among great place to work in Brasil for the three years in a row
02.08.2018 Kordsa is among the global leaders in industrial textiles with its number of patents
25.07.2018 Kordsa Acquires Fabric Development Inc and Textile Products Inc in the US
04.07.2018 Export Champions Award to Kordsa
02.07.2018 Kordsa commissions new production line creating added value to its infrastructure projects
07.06.2018 Kordsa presented its composite technologies that lighten vehicles at the Michelin Movin’ On Conference
06.06.2018 Kordsa is among the best employers of Brazil for the third consecutive year
23.05.2018 Kordsa’s composite manufacturing facility certified for quality and risk management in aerospace and defense industry
24.04.2018 Kordsa’s All Stars Awards found their owners for the 12th time
24.04.2018 Kordsa attended the Global Entrepreneurship Congress
19.04.2018 Kordsa redefines the good life with Arzu Kaprol at Sustainable Brands 2018 Ýstanbul.
09.03.2018 Kordsa participated in the world's biggest composite technology show
05.02.2018 Kordsa once again among 100 fastest growing companies in Indonesia
31.01.2018 Kordsa made a record number of patent application in 2017
25.12.2017 Kordsa’s investments continue at a great pace through capacity increase
12.12.2017 Kordsa wins the third prize in the Innovation Strategy category at Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week
20.12.2017 Kordsa ranks first in the textile category at the 6th Private Sector RD and Design Centers Summit
06.12.2017 Kordsa to make two major U.S. acquisitions
28.11.2017 Kordsa sponsored the 26th Quality Congress for “Leadership to Transformation”
21.11.2017 Kordsa continues to be granted awards globally
20.11.2017 Kordsa runs for good at Istanbul Marathon
02.11.2017 Kordsa and Sabancý University involved in production of composite material with 3D printer project supported by the European Union
30.10.2017 Kordsa Releases Third Sustainability Report
30.10.2017 Kordsa talks about digital transformation at Textile 4.0 Conference
10.10.2017 Kordsa at Turk Kompozit 2017
25.09.2017 Kordsa at Composites Europe 2017
21.09.2017 Kordsa attended ITEC, the niche conference focusing this year on reinforcements for tire performance
12.09.2017 Kocaeli University Türk Mekatronik Team, of which Kordsa was the platinum sponsor and composite materials provider, obtained the first place in Design Category in Turkey.
24.08.2017 Kordsa Continues to Reinforce through Composite Sponsorship
15.08.2017 Continental and Kordsa join forces to establish a new adhesion system for textile reinforcement materials
14.08.2017 Kordsa continues to reinforce the sustainable future.
11.07.2017 Kordsa Reinforces the Future with the Youth
16.06.2017 Kordsa's new resin technology for fast curing prepreg systems under 3 minutes
13.06.2017 Kordsa calls for open innovation at Michelin Movin' On Event
06.06.2017 Kordsa among the best employers in Brazil, two years in a row!
26.05.2017 Kordsa Among The Brands Who Add Value to Turkey Brand
22.05.2017 Kordsa Brings Composite Technologies and Youth Together
17.05.2017 Kordsa’s Concrete Reinforcement Technology KraTos at 40th Turkeybuild Exhibition
12.05.2017 Kordsa at Techtextil, the world’s leading international trade fair for technical textiles
23.03.2017 Kordsa Reinforces Its Investment in US Market
27.02.2017 Ali Çalýþkan appointed as Kordsa's CEO
07.02.2017 Kordsa once more among top companies in Indonesia
25.01.2017 Kordsa at Tire Technology Expo
23.01.2017 Kordsa Makes Record Number Of Patent Applications In 2016
17.01.2017 Energy Effýciency Applications Brings Award to Kordsa
16.01.2017 Kordsa Leaders Once Again Reinforce The Future
29.12.2016 Kordsa’s Composite Technologies Center For Excellence Receives Leed Gold Certificate
15.12.2016 Kordsa Initiates “Reinforcement Center” for Perfection of Work
10.12.2016 Kordsa Participates in “Export Under The Stars” Summit
02.12.2016 Kordsa At Risk Management Conference
01.12.2016 Kordsa Meets with Ýþbank
30.11.2016 Kordsa AT COMPOSITES EUROPE
23.11.2016 Kordsa CEO Cenk Alper Participated in “Export Summit” Organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly
22.11.2016 Kordsa Listed in BIST Sustainability Index for 2016-2017
11.11.2016 Kordsa at ‘HIGH-TECH PORT’
09.11.2016 Courtesy Visit From Indonesian Ambassasor for Turkey
30.11.2016 Kordsa At Composites Europe
31.10.2016 Kordsa at ‘HIGH-TECH PORT’
31.10.2016 Kordsa is at 35th Annual US-Turkey Relations Conference
26.10.2016 The Best Employee Award Goes To Indonesia With The Project "Safety Experience Center"
20.10.2016 Reinforcers are Camping at Clients
20.10.2016 Kordsa Academy Trainings Continue
15.10.2016 The Best Employee Award Goes To Indonesia With The Project "Safety Experience Center"
12.10.2016 We Are Keeping On Reinforcing Life
10.10.2016 Kordsa at Istanbul Airshow
07.10.2016 Kordsa CEO, Cenk Alper spoke at the Financial Times Conference organized in London
04.10.2016 Kordsa Participated In Quality Congress
01.10.2016 Kordsa Publishes Its 2015 Sustainability Report
28.09.2016 Kordsa Among the Best R&D Centers of the Year 3 rd time in a Row!
10.09.2016 Kordsa is Reinforcing the Life
06.09.2016 Kordsa Chosen Among The Best Employers in Tailand for the 7th Time
25.08.2016 Established Conjointly By Kordsa And Sabanci University Composite Technologies Center Of Excellence Opens
12.08.2016 Total Productive Maintenance Practices Make Difference in Kordsa
01.08.2016 Kordsa is Reinforcing Digitally with its Stakeholders
23.06.2016 Kordsa Opened “Occupational Safety Experience Center”
20.06.2016 Güler Sabancý, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Sabancý Holding Visited Composite Technologies Center of Excellence
18.06.2016 Kordsa is at the Innovative TBR Tire Development Forum
14.06.2016 The Reinforcers’ Journey of Excellence
10.06.2016 Kordsa is reinforcing the Youth
06.06.2016 ITU Fantastic Four Team Reinforced by Kordsa Became the Champion of Concrete Canoe Competition!
01.06.2016 Kordsa is one of the Best Employer Brands of Brazil!
30.05.2016 Kordsa at Santek 2016
30.05.2016 Kordsa Came Together with the Youth
30.05.2016 Kordsa was at “Future Tire Conference”
25.05.2016 Kordsa Received "Corporate Awareness" Award for the 2 nd Time
18.05.2016 Kordsa is at 2nd Annual Innovative Passenger Tire Development Forum in Berlin
17.05.2016 Kordsa received an Award from the Turkish Textiles Innovations League
16.05.2016 Kordsa Reinforcement Truck On the Roads
16.05.2016 Export Star of the Year: Kordsa
12.05.2016 Sabancý Holding Industry Group President's Visit
09.05.2016 Inspiring “Reinforcement” Journey of Kordsa
29.04.2016 Kordsa Continues to Reinforce Asia Pacific
18.04.2016 The CEO of Kordsa Explains "How to be A Sustainable Brand" at the 14th Edition of the Quality and Success Symposium.
15.04.2016 Ali Çalýþkan At KalDer Board
25.03.2016 Kordsa at the 13 th International Istanbul Yarn Fair
15.03.2016 Kordsa attended JEC World in Paris with its composite products
29.02.2016 Kordsa received 3 awards for its outstanding First Sustainability Report by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP).
25.02.2016 Kordsa Academy Trainings At Tire Technology 2016
25.02.2016 Green Tire Cord Fabric Reinforced by Kordsa
16.01.2016 Kordsa "Reinforced" the Future
21.12.2015 Fourth innovation award in a year for Kordsa
07.12.2015 Kordsa Ranked 1 st in the Innovation Strategy of TIM
18.11.2015 Kordsa collaborates for open innovation
20.10.2015 Turkey’s R&D champion Kordsa
13.08.2015 Kordsa receives ISO 50001 certification
12.08.2015 Compared to the first quarter of 2015, Kordsa increased its profit by 153% and grew by 11.4% in the second quarter of the year
10.08.2015 Kordsa: Among the Champions of Turkish Patent League
13.07.2015 Kordsa listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange 100 Index
10.07.2015 2014 Export Champions award for Kordsa
16.06.2015 Cenk Alper Receives "Environmentalist of the Year" Award
08.06.2015 Kordsa Received Award for Corporate Awareness
08.06.2015 Kordsa, participated in the 9th Concrete Congress with its reinforcement product, KraTos TM
15.05.2015 Kordsa, received “ÝTKÝB Platin” Award in the “Stars of the Exportation” Category
15.05.2015 Kordsa won “ETÝKA 2014 Turkey’s Most Ethical Companies” award
14.05.2015 Kordsa estimates an increase of 10 to 20% in its sales by the end of 2015.
28.04.2015 Kordsa, participated in 38th Turkeybuild Ýstanbul
10.03.2015 Kordsa attended its first exhibition with its composite products
10.03.2015 Kordsa attended in Tire Technology Expo 2015
10.03.2015 Hakan Öker is elected as the Chairman of the Executive Board for Turkey Excellence Award
05.02.2015 Kordsa received “Energy Efficiency in Industries Award”
26.01.2015 “KraTos TM Macro” Production line is opened
13.01.2015 Major Investment by Kordsa in the Asia-Pacific Region
22.08.2014 Kordsa increased its revenues by 19% in half-year
09.05.2014 Kordsa increased its revenues by 24% in the Q1
07.11.2013 Awards to Kordsa's HR Processes and Applications
04.02.2013 Kordsa receives the highest amount of awards at Environment Awards of Istanbul Chamber of Industry
18.11.2011 FT: "Guler Sabanci is an important force in Turkey's political, social and cultural life"
30.10.2011 Kordsa launches new brand: Capmax ®
08.12.2010 Twixtra ® web site is now on-line
02.12.2010 Kordsa Finalist in 9th Technology Awards
07.07.2009 Kordsa acquired ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate
20.02.2009 Public notice
14.02.2009 Kordsa increased its participation in IK Teijin
06.02.2009 New operation model of Kordsa
14.01.2009 Kordsa increased its shares in Indokordsa, its affiliate in Indonesia
06.01.2009 New operation model of Kordsa
17.09.2008 Kordsa organized press tour of its Asia-Pacific plants
22.05.2008 Kordsa Technology Center has been opened
29.12.2006 Kordsa completed acquisition of KQNE in China
22.12.2006 Share assignment transaction has been completed
04.11.2006 Kordsa in Chinese market