Kordsa at Tire Technology Expo


Kordsa participated in the Tire Technology Exposition in Germany where latest tire industry technologies and trends are shared. While displaying its tire reinforcement technologies, Kordsa also shared with the participants, information on its product Monolyx for heavy construction equipments at the conference as part of the exposition.

Kordsa, a Sabancı Holding affiliate, attended in the 17th edition of Tire Technology Expo, one of the leading expositions where the latest novelties in the tire industry are shared, in Hannover Germany. While displaying its latest tire reinforcement technologies at the stand, Kordsa made a presentation at the Tire Technology Conference on features and usage areas of Monolyx. Monolyx, with a protective rubber layer with cord structure formed by monofilament fibres twisted together, protects the structural integrity of tire in harsh road conditions. In addition, the cut-resistant Monolyx offers 2.5 times higher cut resistance performance compared to standard textile materials. The presentation has attracted great attention of the participants, conveying the message that Monolyx can be used in many other areas due to its existing features. The presentation also included Kordsa's experience in the reinforcement market and its works in innovation.