Kordsa Releases Third Sustainability Report


Leader of tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies, Kordsa has released its annual Sustainability Report, which highlights the company's social, economic and environmental performance in 2016. Striving to “Reinforce Life” Kordsa’s third sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the new standards released by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2016. Kordsa is one of the first 100 companies worldwide to comply with these standards.

This year's Sustainability Report is the third sustainability report of Kordsa, one of the affiliates of Sabancż Holding, reflecting its “reinforcing the future” mission and highlighting its R&D activities in every market it operates, as well as its innovative products, technologies and processes, its relationship with its suppliers and customers, its energy emissions, waste and water management and biodiversity within the scope of environmental management.

Kordsa continues its operations in accordance with international standards within the scope of the United Nations Global Compact that the company had signed in 2014. The sustainability report clearly reflects its global business model, while also demonstrating its transparent and accountable management approach. The report including its best practices, sets priority for sustainability as a basis of future-oriented strategies. The report also covers that Kordsa has been included in the BŻST Sustainability Index together with top 43 companies listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange with superior corporate sustainability performances, and underlines the accident-free hour targets reached on the field under the guidance of its "Safety Experience Center", as well as highlighting its innovative technologies developed within the "Green Products" program and practices carried out within the scope of environmental management. The report also highlights that Kordsa’s second R&D center at Composite Technologies Center of Excellence, the pioneering example of university-industry collaboration in Turkey to develop future reinforcement technologies, was officially approved as an “R&D Center” by the Ministry.

Today Kordsa, reinforcing globally 1 out of every 3 automobile tire and 2 out of every 3 aircraft tire, develops innovative technologies for a more sustainable mobility. Reducing rolling resistance with tire reinforcement technologies, Kordsa provides composite technologies to produce lighter automobiles. Thanks to its reinforcement technologies, Kordsa decreases fuel consumption that is of great importance for environment. Kordsa took part in one of the industry's foremost collaborations with Continental to produce safer and more environmentally friendly products. Kordsa has worked on a formula to eliminate the use of resorcinol and formaldehyde used in rubber cord fabric production since 2008. By combining their expertise and experience together, Kordsa and Continental were able to replace the formula used for 80 years with an environmentally friendly formula. Kordsa develops chemicals while Continental develops compound application technologies. Kordsa owns 32 inventions and has 103 patents in only 2016. With its business processes all based on R&D and innovation, Kordsa has 458 patent applications world-wide and approximately 150 inventions.