Kordsa runs for good at Istanbul Marathon


Kordsa, the leader of tire and construction reinforcement and composite technologies, took part at 39th Istanbul Marathon to support TOÇEV for children’s education needs.

Kordsa, an affiliate of Sabancı Holding, participated in the Istanbul Marathon for the fifth time. Kordsa, continuing its corporate social responsibility initiatives in an effort to reinforce the future, ran for TOÇEV, a foundation that changes the lives of children believing in "Education is every child’s right" for 23 years. 42 Kordsa reinforcers joined the marathon.

Kordsa had also run for the “İçerde Çocuk Var” (Children Behind Walls) Project, to raise awareness for children who are in prison with their parents, at Runatolia marathon, organized last year in Antalya.

While Kordsa continues its social responsibility projects as part of Sabancı Volunteers Program, it reinforces the future of children by renovating a school near İzmit facility in the scope of the event which brings together management from all over the world production facilities every year.

About Kordsa

Kordsa is the global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies market. As the worldwide leader of the tire reinforcement technologies market, it carries out production through a vast area from USA to Asia Pacific and supplies its reinforcement technologies to the whole world. With its business processes all based on R&D and innovation, Kordsa has 479 patent applications world-wide.