Kordsa commissions new production line creating added value to its infrastructure projects


Inaugurated in December 2017, Kordsa’s new production line of polypropylene monofilament fiber reinforcement, which is based in Kordsa's İzmit plant, has become operational in June 2018. With this new investment in construction reinforcement technologies, Kordsa does not only increase its production capacity but also expands its product range.

In June 2018, Kordsa commenced the production of polypropylene monofilament fiber for the construction industry, a new type of KraTos which is an innovative concrete reinforcement synthetic fiber, in the new polypropylene monofilament fiber reinforcement line at its Izmit plant.

Kordsa has been making a difference in the construction market since 2014 with its innovative macro and micro synthetic fiber reinforcement products that provide ease-of-use, quick applicability, reduced labor cost, increased equipment and energy efficiency, high concrete toughness, long-durability and low carbon emissions for concrete reinforcement applications in construction projects. Kordsa differentiates its new product in terms of cost advantage by using effective dosage as well as providing sustainability and high performance, especially in infrastructure projects.

Kordsa CEO Ali Çalışkan said the following about their newly commissioned polypropylene monofilament fiber line for the construction industry: "We are expanding our product range with this investment in construction reinforcement technologies. With this new polypropylene monofilament fiber reinforcement line, we aim to grow by differentiating from our competitors in the market. We aim to offer this new synthetic fiber, a new version of KraTos, both in Turkey and in the European market. KraTos has revolutionized concrete construction projects with its ease-of-use in concrete reinforcement applications, quick application, high concrete toughness and low carbon emissions. This new version is also an innovative product that will shape the industry. As Kordsa, we are working to make our living spaces more durable and more environmentally friendly. We are touching every aspect of life with our mission of reinforcing life. Our goal is to create a sustainable future."