Kordsa at Road2Tunnel Fair with its synthetic fiber reinforcement KraTos


A global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies Kordsa presented KraTos, its brand in construction reinforcement, at the 3rd International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair which brings construction professionals together.

Reinforcement leader Kordsa, participated in the 3rd International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair Road2Tunnel which was held in Istanbul Congress Center between 3-6 October, and displayed its innovative KraTos synthetic fibers for concrete reinforcement. KraTos provides long-term and high durability as well as savings on cost, time and labor. Visitors had the chance to be informed about KraTos Macro having non-conductive and anti-corrosive structure and KraTos Micro, concrete reinforcement fiber to prevent early-age cracking and providing smooth concrete surfaces, as well as their advantages and fields of use.

KraTos Macro and KraTos Micro are more sustainable and environmentally friendly concrete reinforcement fibers compared to steel mesh, and are differentiated by their anti-corrosive structure providing durability and high quality, providing maximum performance thanks to their easy and homogeneous mixing properties. KraTos is widely used in all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure applications including slab-on-ground concretes, coating and screed applications, industrial floors, concrete roads, water and ports structures, track-slab concretes, airports, and precast concrete components.

In the international fiber reinforcement market, KraTos is the first Turkish product. Being produced domestically, it can be supplied fast and easy, which makes KraTos preferrable for many infrastructure and superstructure projects.

Toll booths of 3rd bridge, Samsun light rail system project, Eskişehir light rail system project and Trabzon General Directorate for State Hydraulic Works pressurized water tunnel project are some of the projects that are reinforced with innovative, high performanced KraTos synthetic reinforcement fibers. Recently, Kordsa announced that KraTos macro synthetic fiber will be used in the construction of the Buca-Bornova Tunnel, which is the longest highway tunnel in Izmir.